check-in easy:
scan, sign & send

Solutions that simplify the collection and management of Customer Identification Data

Our standard configuration:
  • Documents Reading via Scanner and OCR (passports, identity cards, driving licenses).
  • Integrations with your PMS via DFF, API or XML.
  • Click here to see the list of all compatible PMS
Add more modules
  • Digital Registration Card. Privacy texts (customizable) can be shown during the check-in and signed by the guest, in digital format and stored into the system.
  • Virtual Printer. Allows the printing of generic electronic documents (ex. PMS account extract, Word, Excel. documents, invoice etc.). by developing a PDF, giving the option to sign digitally.
  • Advertisement / Information. Shows photos or advertising images such as photos of the rooms or other. The images are proposed sliding, when the tablet is in a standby mode.
  • Google Maps Service. Shows on your tablet the easiest way to get to a place (restaurant, theater, rental car, etc.). NOTE: this function requires the DATABASE MODULE active!
  • Data filling by the guest. Data such as mail, telephone or address can be entered by the client directly on the tablet, using a virtual keyboard, in a simple and fast way.
  • Accepted Credit Cards. Shows the credit card icons where payment is allowed.
  • Search guest personal data and stayings already inserted . Data storing allows a faster check-in for regular customers.
  • Create your own statistics Analyze and compare your data by crossing information.
  • Security Reporting. Option to develop a TXT or TCP / IP file to be sent to the competent office. NOTE: this function requires the DATABASE MODULE active, in case there is more than one workstation.
  • National Statistics Report - Telematic Mode (Available just for Italy and the Swiss Italian area)
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